Body Contouring

My custom body contouring program uses Lypossage techniques that enhances the physical appearance of the body and helps you feel comfortable in the skin you're in. It is a natural, manual therapy system that diminishes the appearance of cellulite, improves skin elasticity and detoxes the body. There are 3 different zones that can be addressed as listed below. The results are smoother looking skin; inch loss around thighs, hips, waist and upper arms; increase in mood and energy level. Book your consultation today to see what a body contouring massage program can do for you. A program will be customized for you and your body goals. Please call/text/email any questions you have. 

Zone 1

ZONE 1 improves the circulation, muscle tone, structure, and smoothes out the texture of the skin and underlying tissue in the legs, buttocks, and abdomen. 

Zone 2

ZONE 2 extends the muscles in the back and pectorals to "lift" the chest and shoulders. It improves skin tone, elasticity and circulation in the under side of the upper  arms. 

Zone 3

ZONE 3 provides a natural face lift. It reduces puffiness in the neck and around the eyes and improves skin tone. 



Consultation - Complimentary

Mini Package - 6 custom sessions $540 | or 4 payments of $135 with Vagaro Pay Later

Full Package - 12 custom sessions $960 | or 4 payments of $240 with Vagaro Pay Later